slimming down my categories

January 12, 2011
January 12, 2011
by Sean
in Blog

Over the past year or so now, for some reason i kept on making more and more category links on my blog, i don’t know why i made them because they were pretty pointless. So today i decided to delete all of my categories except for just my blog category.

I then went through all of my old posts and switched them into the same category so now i have a nice organised and less spread out list of blog entries.

Now just because i deleted all of my categories does not mean i won’t be making more of them, in fact i already have an idea on one more that i want to make. Over the next few days i am going to be making more categorised posts alongside my normal posts.

Slimming down categories

Most likely i will switch them out every other day. I want to start making some posts that will help people out. Some of my most popular posts here on my blog are of that type, so i think if i can make some more content like that it will help out.

I often become stuck when doing certain things and turn to Google but a lot of the time other people have the same problem as me so it takes a long time to find a solution and sometime one cannot even be found.

Usually when i find what i am looking for i just forget about it after implementing it, i think that it is a waste doing that. So from now on if i find something interesting that i found difficult i am going to share it.

It’s like smemon say about taking as much pictures as you can, the more you take the better it will be in future for the web as more content is always a good thing, so my contribution to this will be by making more helpful posts.

I do not take many pictures that would benefit too many people, usually the pictures i take are of family and friends so i they usually do not find there way to the likes of flickr where i would share them with a creative commons license, instead i put them on my Facebook.

So as an aim for 2011 i want to make more useful posts and i think this will be achievable.

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