Away Into Hospital Tomorrow

August 09, 2009
August 09, 2009
by Sean
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Tomorrow i will be checking into the hospital in Dublin. The reason i am going in is because about 2 months ago i found out that i have high blood pressure.

I have had some tests done already as i said before, and now i am going in for a few days of tests just to rule out everything and hopefully find out the main cause of it. It is considered fairly rare to have high blood pressure in my age, 19, so just as a precaution more than anything i will be in hospital for the next 2 days.

Posts here lately have been very few; i did start off this month running with a few posts everyday however i soon found it difficult to find time to get online to add some new posts.

As i write this post i have my laptop beside me adding some TV Shows to it so that i can have a bit of entertainment while in hospital, also i have added music to it and also i intend to bring my earphones, so that i can listen without annoying others, other than bringing my laptop i will be bringing a book to read đŸ˜€ .

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