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April 16, 2009
April 16, 2009
by Sean
in Blog

Over the past few weeks i have started to use Google Chrome as my main internet browser, i decided to start using it more because it is really fast to open. Although i really like Firefox i will be using Chrome for the next while for the bulk of my browsing. 

I will however still be using Firefox because i use it a lot when editing websites because of all the great plugins that i have that make problem solving with websites a breeze. I will never go back and use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and have not used it in about 2 years now. 


I found that when watching some of the high definition videos in firefox it made the video jump when you try to play it when the video is still finishing off downloading. In chrome however i found that it plays seamlessly, i would assume this has to do with the fact that because Firefox uses so much memory compared to other applications, when you try to run a HD video it just becomes a little too much and since Chrome uses less memory it dosent find it as such a struggle to play the HD videos.

There are a few other reasons i switched to chrome, i like how much screen space i now have with this browser, i can see a lot more of the page which is great 😀

There is one other time when i use all of my internet browsers, (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), i use them when i want to check to make sure that my website is displaying right in all the different browsers, because chances are when you are designing and using the one browser to check if it is looking ok, by time you come to finally check it when you are finished you will most likely find something that has broken in one of the different browsers because the code differs slightly from browser to browser.

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