Starting Fresh

August 01, 2009
August 01, 2009
by Sean
in Blog

As I write this post, I am currently transferring files to a back-up hard drive so that I can wipe my entire pc. It has been a long time now since I last wiped everything.

It is always a long and very tedious process, trying to figure out what I need to keep and what I should get rid of. I have over 300 GB of files on my pc and then I had another 300 GB on my external hard drive before I wiped it.

I still had files from back in 2006; I just would not let them go. So now I have just gone through all my old files and deleted everything that I found a waste of space and then moved everything to a separate folder that I want to keep.

I know it is stupid to have so many files, however over time I just end up firing everything into one folder and then everything just basically gets lost. Once I wipe my computer I intend to completely organize my folder structure, before I copy anything back onto the main hard drives I will set up folders for certain things such as music,video,pictures etc..

Also when I wipe my pc back to factory settings there will be a lot of work to do, first I will have to remove all the crap that comes with the computer, then get all the latest windows updates, then I will have to do a bit of tweaking with performance, then add the programs and files back in. It will most likely take the guts of at least a day in total to get everything how I like it.

I will have to sort out the computer when I have free time between work. Then once I am happy with how the pc is, I will run a disk defrag just to get rid of all the files that should not be scattered all over the place.

So if all goes to plan I will have a lightning fast computer, by this time tomorrow 😀 .

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